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Re: [linux-distros-dev] A bit of a reboot


* Alphonse Van Assche <alcapcom@xxxxxxxxx> [2008-09-03 04:18]:
> So the Idea is,
> 1. a new update is available though p2.
> 2. a system detect it using p2 API.
> 3. a system generate a specfile and whatever .deb need.
> 4. a system send mails on all packagers of that given bundle.
> 5. each distro can build that package using they own build system.
> 6. the update is available though distros specific update tools and  
> through p2 integrated with packagekit.

This sounds awesome.  Of course, it would also be great to have people
who are doing the packaging stay on top of upstream releases and be
ready with packages as soon as possible.

> Btw, I have plan to give the possibility to install packages using  
> PackageKit in the specfile editor (the idea to add a bouton  'a la jdt'