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Re: [linux-distros-dev] Expressing interest for the project :-P

Welcome Philippe,
I'm glad you share our interest in this project.  We look forward to
your contributions.

>>> On Mon, May 8, 2006 at  8:10 PM, in message
<01cf01c6730d$c4907b50$0dfca8c0@computer>, Philippe Ombredanne
<pombredanne@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> Hi All,
> Andrew O. pointed me to this place, and to
> http://en.opensuse.org/Eclipse/EclipseOnLinux ....
> I would like to express my interest for this project: it sounds
> cool and useful.
> We are shipping an eclipse distro for linux, hence my interest :- )
> I'd like to contribute in any (small) way I can to make the eclipse
> linux experience better .
> Cordially