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Re: [libra-dev] Libra build

Hi Kaloyan,

Do you plan any improvements for Oxygen beyond bugfixing?

We should prepare the Oxygen plan for WTP soon. If you give me a list of
planned feature, I will include then in the planning doc.

my current plan is to look into all open Bugzilla issues, try to understand and reproduce them, and if possible develop a fix. Some of those might qualify as "new features" (e.g. cycle detection/cycle allowance, support to add arbitrary ressources, ...).

To be honest, I think I will need to look into most of the bugs much more deeply to be able to fully understand what the issue is, think of possible solutions and probably discuss with -dev whether its within Libra's scope to fix it.

Personally, for the tasks I routinely use Libra for, I'm not missing any features at the moment - it works reliably, and my primary interest is to keep it running as stable and fast-failing (aka user-proof) as possible.

Does that answer your question regarding the WTP plan?

Best regards,