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[libra-dev] Libra 0.2.2 / Juno SR2 released

Hi Libras,


During the Juno SR2 time frame we had only one bugfix [1].


I’ve just released version 0.2.2 to be included in the Juno SR2 simultaneous release. The release will appear on the Eclipse Juno update site on Feb 22, 2013. It is already available on the Libra Release p2 repo [2]. Zipped p2 repo is also available [3].





[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?list_id=4397466&classification=WebTools&query_format=advanced&product=Libra&target_milestone=0.2.2

[2] http://download.eclipse.org/libra/releases

[3] http://download.eclipse.org/libra/releases/R-0.2.2-201212132117/libra-p2repo-R-0.2.2-201212132117.zip