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[libra-dev] Juno dependencies in Libra framework UI?

Hi Libra team,

When importing Libra into my workspace, I'm seeing a number of version related dependency fails. For example, ..libra.framework.core wants  org.eclipse.wst.server.core;bundle-version="1.1.403" I notice also that you have the Juno update site in the build pom. 

For Virgo, we're needing to target Indigo at least, and Helios if possible. I note that I can import libra.framework.editor.ui, and it builds against the older version of libra.framework.editor.core that I have, but of course that isn't a very stable solution. Can you give some details about what you're planning to support with which components so we can plan how we're going to consume them? At a minimum of course we'd need to be able to consume the stuff that was factored out of Virgo tooling.

I noticed that there is an Indigo branch, but it seems only to have the facet ui.



Miles T. Parker
Senior Engineer and Product Manager, Tasktop
Committer, Eclipse Mylyn and Virgo
Project Lead, Model Focussing Tools and AMP