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[libra-dev] Libra Juno M6 to be released this Friday



It’s pretty silent in our git repository in the last weeks. The only changes I see for Juno M6 are a couple of bugfixes that were fixed for Indigo SR2 and were cherry-picked in the Juno branch. Do I miss anything?


I am occupied with a lot of traveling next week. Therefore, I am going to release our M6 build this Friday – a few days before the due date. Let me know if anyone is affected by this.


By the way, we still have some open tickets targeted for Juno M5: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?list_id=877964;classification=WebTools;query_format=advanced;target_milestone=0.2%20M5;product=Libra

If those are completed, then please close the tickets. If they are still open, then please retarget them to a future milestone.


Thanks and greetings,