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Re: [libra-dev] Libra Demonstrations and Tutorials

Existing Server Start/Debug in the server class creates the StartJob and PublishJob and runs it async. ÂOSGi launchers typically create a framework configuration as a part of the publish process. ÂSo it is desirable to publish then start. ÂJavaEE servers prefer that the server is started before a publish process. ÂCurrently this is hardwired, there is no extension mechanism to change it for a server adapter. ÂOSGÄ Run/Debug does it in the reverse order.

We will open a bug against wst.server for the start and debug actions.Â

And by the way, I wonder why youâve introduced the âOSGi Runâ action. Isnât the generic âStartâ action sufficient enough to implement a proper start of the OSGi framework? Whatâs the difference between the implementation of the OSGi Run and Start actions?






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Hello Libras,
I have recorded three short tutorial videos that demonstrate Eclipse Libra and other associated tools:

  • Eclipse Libra Launchers

This video is a demonstration of the launchers framework

  • Eclipse Libra and Gemini Web

This video is a demonstration of Eclipse Gemini Web and Eclipse Libra tools. In the demonstration, we build simple Web Application bundle and test it with Eclipse Gemini Web and Equinox 3.7

  • Eclipse Libra Http Service and War

This is a two part demonstration of Eclipse Libra Tools.ÂPart I:ÂBuilding a simple http service bundleÂusing Eclipse Libra ToolsÂPart II:Exporting a WAR file with the help ofÂwar products to run Equinox in aservlet container

AND more to come... I have two more tutorials to record when I have enough time (DeclarativeÂservices and Apache Felix)

Kaloyan - It would be nice if you can embed them on the project page. Â

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