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Re: [libra-dev] Declaring Libra 0.2 M1 Stable Build


The SimRel aggregation "breaks" due to the changes to you recently made. And, it is the kind of break that won't even send an email, since one of the breaks was to the contacts list. (changed case in one file, but not the other).

These "model validation" errors show up very easily if you load/use the b3 Aggregator Editor. See
(And, I'd recommend using 3.6 Eclipse, with the "old" editor at b3's 36 update repository. )
Let me know if you need (more) help and I'd be glad to.


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Date:        08/16/2011 12:07 PM
Subject:        [libra-dev] Declaring Libra 0.2 M1 Stable Build
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Libra 0.2 M1 Stable Build is now declared. It is available on the following p2 repository site: http://download.eclipse.org/libra/milestones/S-0.2.0M1-201108160923/
It is also aggregated in the composite p2 repository with the latest Juno Milestone: http://download.eclipse.org/libra/milestones
Iâve also added this build to the Juno Discovery Site. It will be available there once Juno M1 is officially declared.
I did a small change in the metadata of the OSGi Framework Launchers features, so it complies better to the requirements for incubation project and a project attending the Simultaneous Release Train. The change can be viewed here: http://git.eclipse.org/c/libra/org.eclipse.libra.git/commit/?id=be771447c2178981863056da03a78e116cf3b25c
Naci, perhaps itâs a good idea to check also the plugins metadata for such inconsistencies.
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