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[libra-dev] Indigo maintenance build for July 14th



One of the Libra adopters (SAP) would like to fix some bugs in the Indigo SR1 timeframe. The efforts will be focused on the OSGi facet. The “declared” maintenance builds will follow the schedule of the rest of WTP. The first maintenance build will be scheduled for this week – July 14th. If there aren’t any bugs fixed for a particular maintenance build, it will be skipped.


The efforts for Indigo SR1 will be spent by the requesting adopter – SAP and its committers in the project. Of course, if anyone else is interested, he or she is welcome to join. Just as a reminder, we have an “indigo” branch in Git, where the code changes will happen. The Juno development continues in the “master” branch. Of course, any bugs fixed in the indigo branch should be merged to the master branch.


The bugs targeted for Indigo SR1 can be seen in the following Bugzilla query:




Kaloyan Raev | T +359 2 9157-416
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