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Re: [libra-dev] Libra Weekly Status Call

Hi all,


The first Libra Weekly Status Meeting will be this Wednesday at 4 pm UTC.

According to the Doodle poll this time slots suits everybody except Naci. Naci can do it one hour later, but I cannot. I have another regular weekly call that is too late to reschedule for this week. And there is also the Eclipse Planning Council Meeting next week same time that I must attend.


Therefore, I propose that we start the first meeting at 4 pm UTC and see if I or Naci can reschedule our appointments, so we can all attend the meeting.


I prepared a wiki page, where you can see the dial-in info and the exact time for your time zone:



There is also a wiki page with preliminary agenda for our first meeting:



Feel free to add more topics directly in the wiki page.


See you on Wednesday,




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Hello Kaloyan,
I will be representing IBM in the call. I added my availability next week in the Doodle.



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[libra-dev] Libra Weekly Status Call



I propose that we start having a weekly status phone call. This will help us coordinating our efforts for: getting easier through the initial contribution process, align our contributions, and prepare for the Indigo release.

I have started a Doodle poll for selecting the best time slot for the conference call:

We have committers in Europe and in North America. Therefore, due to the time zone difference, the options available are the late office hours in Europe and the early office hours in North America. Let’s have this week for voting and, hopefully, kick off the first call next week.

There is no problem for SAP to host the conference call. There is a toll free number available for most of the countries. Our conferencing system is based on Adobe Connect – it is possible to have desktop sharing as well. I will send the dial-up info with the first meeting request.

Kaloyan Raev | T +359 2 9157-416
SAP Labs Bulgaria
| PO LJS for StreamWork

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