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Re: [libra-dev] IBM is joining WTP Libra project !!

Welcome, Zina!


I’ve nominated you as new committer in the Libra project. The voting process takes one week. After you are provisioned as new Eclipse committer, you will be able to submit the mentioned CQ yourself.

If you wish to start the IP process of IBM’s initial contribution earlier, then one of the existing committer will have to submit the CQ.


In either ways, you will need first to create a new bug under the Libra project and attach a ZIP with the code to be contributed.


As I read your mail, part of your contribution overlaps with what SAP just submitted in the Git repository, like:

-OSGi facet configuration, that does not exclude other project facets.
-Creating OSGi Bundles, and OSGi Web Bundles
-Converting existing projects to OSGi Bundles.


We will work together with you for merging IBM’s and SAP’s code. But these action can take place after you finish the IP process of you contribution and submit your code into Git.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.






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JFYI: If you open CQs please keep in mind that February 11th is the deadline for Indigo CQs.




On 04.02.2011, at 15:24, Zina Mostafia wrote:

I am excited to announce that IBM is joining the WTP Libra project.

IBM would like to contribute set of tools that helps in:

-OSGi facet configuration, that does not exclude other project facets.
-Creating OSGi Bundles, and OSGi Web Bundles
-Importing and Exporting Bundles.
-Support for OSGi Fragments.
-Converting existing projects to OSGi Bundles.
-Java projects
-PDE Plugins
-JEE Web projects
-Utility jars
-Converting PDE Fragments to OSGi Fragments
-Flexible Bundle Root


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