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Re: [jwt-dev] Cleaning JWT site and wiki

Hi Florian, Marc,

yep, I should have the slides somewhere. I'll put them into the wiki.

I'm currently working on packaging the adapters for the SF page, although for Eclipse we have to go through the code contribution process. Documentation is included but seems to be not fully compatible with the code as the person who is currently trying to implement custom adapters experiences a few problems. However, unfortunately I'm completely new to this implementation as well...

Concerning the telco: We'll hear shortly from Ilshat whether he feels he should join this telco. Let's decide on a date after we get his message.


Am 14.10.2010 15:45, schrieb Florian Lautenbacher:
Hi Marc, Chris,

concerning the links:

I don't think we ever had a JWT_Runtime page. We always wanted to create
such a wiki page, but didn't finish it.

[http://wiki.eclipse.org/Image:JWT_Release_Review_1_0.pdf Release
review slides of version 1.0.0]
I don't have the release review slides either. I guess Chris should have
them (they have been part of the main Helios release review train).

[[JWT WE architecture]] - Documentation about an old version and
integration of JWT named AgilPro -
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/8/8e/JWT_WAM_and_AgilPro_IFW.pdf JWT
WAM architecture]  Alignment of JWT WAM and AgilPro IFW/AFW

Last week Chris was in contact with somebody who was interested about the
adapters in AgilPro and he uploaded several new files to SourceForge, I
guess. These were the topics described in this document, so maybe there is a
newer version available than the one that I have on my PC.

Concerning the minutes of the last telco in September: is there another
planned in the future? If I know about it in advance, I'll try to arrange it
that I can join the next time again.

Best regards,


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