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Re: [jwt-dev] Cleaning JWT site and wiki

Hi Marc, Chris,

concerning the links: 

>>I don't think we ever had a JWT_Runtime page. We always wanted to create
such a wiki page, but didn't finish it.

>> [http://wiki.eclipse.org/Image:JWT_Release_Review_1_0.pdf Release 
review slides of version 1.0.0] 
I don't have the release review slides either. I guess Chris should have
them (they have been part of the main Helios release review train).

>> [[JWT WE architecture]] - Documentation about an old version and 
integration of JWT named AgilPro -
[http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/8/8e/JWT_WAM_and_AgilPro_IFW.pdf JWT 
WAM architecture]  Alignment of JWT WAM and AgilPro IFW/AFW

Last week Chris was in contact with somebody who was interested about the
adapters in AgilPro and he uploaded several new files to SourceForge, I
guess. These were the topics described in this document, so maybe there is a
newer version available than the one that I have on my PC.

Concerning the minutes of the last telco in September: is there another
planned in the future? If I know about it in advance, I'll try to arrange it
that I can join the next time again.

Best regards,