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Re: [jwt-dev] Cleaning JWT site and wiki + build

Hi Marc,

great work, thanks!

As a side note, the cbi-soa-jwt-stable and cbi-soa-jwt-integration builds should now be working again (new build server is hudson.eclipse.org instead of build.eclipse.org). They have been updated to use Eclipse 3.6.1 and can now be run on the new Hudson slave nodes which shortens the build&test time to ~7min.


Am 13.10.2010 16:18, schrieb Marc Dutoo:
Hi all

I'm cleaning up the site and wiki.

I've already cleaned the index, download and press sections.

I've found these messed up links. Can anyone help patch them by providing the missing content ?

http://www.eclipse.org/jwt/components/runtime/index.php :
* http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_Runtime

http://wiki.eclipse.org/Java_Workflow_Tooling_Project :
* [http://wiki.eclipse.org/Image:JWT_Release_Review_1_0.pdf Release
review slides of version 1.0.0]
* [[JWT WE architecture]] - Documentation about an old version and
integration of JWT named AgilPro
* [http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/8/8e/JWT_WAM_and_AgilPro_IFW.pdf JWT
WAM architecture] Alignment of JWT WAM and AgilPro IFW/AFW
* [[JWT Runtime]] - Runtime tools in JWT

Next up is beefing up the WAM area with a description of the improved WorkflowService API.

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