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AW: [jwt-dev] intro text

Hi Chris,
please find my changes below:


Here is the first try:


The Java Workflow Tooling project (JWT) brings open business process design and development to the Eclipse platform. It’s goal is to not only  to allow users to model their processes but also to refine them by adding technical information so they are ready to be executed on existing process or workflow engines.

JWT already comes with several built-in extensions, e.g. an UML Activity Diagram and an Event-driven Process Chain (EPC) view, BPMN interoperability and code generation algorithms (e.g. for XPDL or WSBPEL).  -- really algorithms? I would only speak of code generation 

Additional views, model extensions and transformations can be integrated through a flexible framework allowing communities and vendors to build their own BPM platforms. See more about it at Why JWT?[link] and JWT Ecosystem[link]  --BPM platform without "s"? 


Maybe the “Getting started” section could also be replaced by a textual description?  Although I like the short and easy list, I would not be against changing it to text. 


A screencast[link] demonstrates how an executable business process can be  designed and implemented. If you are new to JWT or want to build your own BPM solution you can refer to the tutorial[link]. The downloads can be found here[link] or directly on the update site[link].


Finally, a small point which I forgot to mention yesterday: What is your opinion about the download page in the wiki. I think it’s kind of redundant since we now have Marc’s new download page which is much nicer. Also the wiki page with links to each separate plugin is a pain to maintain ;) 


I agree that the wiki page is hard to maintain, but I think it has its place: it shows the different update sites of JWT (nightly, stable, etc.) and allows people to download only some parts (e.g. the tutorial, etc.). Of course we needn't put all separate plugins there anymore for any JWT 0.6 and later, since we already have too many. But maybe having a place where the workflow editor alone without additional plugins can be downloaded, would be good for other integrators? Probably something to further discuss.


Best regards,