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Re: [jwt-dev] JWT Release Review Slides

Hello Florian,

I added some contents and some slides concerning features. I also changed Open Wide logo for the newer and better one. I renamed some slides to give more explicit title ("Non-code aspects" -> "Communication and Visibility"; "APIs" -> "Quality").
There are still a lot of things to say about this release, more especially about Views and Aspects.
I think it would be useful to spend a whole slide speaking about adopters: AgilPro and Scarbo. Scarbo is not anymore a proof of concept, we wish to have users for it and why not to offer support on it. Maybe we can talk about Scarbo about a potentiel industrial usage of JWT. I did not add such slide yet.

All that stuff are only opinions, feel free to correct or revert any change if you don't like them. (I won't mind if it is the case ;)


Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi all,
please find attached a first version of the release review slides for Galileo. This is the long set of slides, as discussed before we also need a short set with a summary about our project. But I would like to finish the long set before, so we can simply take the best out of it for the other set of slides ;-)
You'll find that there are still a lot of TODOs in the PPT. If you find some time, I would be happy if you could spend some time and integrate a description about the new features, etc.
Thanks and best regards,

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