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Re: [jwt-dev] Collaboration process

Hi Pierre

In short,
* first needs and requirements are discussed on the mailing list or on bugzilla(s), as well as whether it fits in the vision
* then a technical solution is proposed, specified and discussed on bugzilla(s), as well as whether it fits in the architecture
* then an implementation is proposed as a patch (or possibly a branch, to avoid if possible) and posted on the bugzilla
* it is reviewed by other committers on the following points : requirements, technical points and whether it fits in JWT's architecture ; and by project leads on whether it also complies to Eclipse and JWT IP and other organisational requirements (CVS layout and naming, dependencies...)
* finally, if it is approved by project leads, it is committed by a committer (the author if he is committer).

The idea is that what is committed has to fit in JWT on all counts : vision, architecture and legal aspects.

Obviously for small things like simple bug patches, a very simple approval is required. If it has only technical (and not vision or architectural) impacts, the approval of the person responsible for the code being patched might be enough.

And once you've comitted an initial codebase as specified in a given bugzilla, you can commit incremental improvements to it and only have to mention such improvements in this (open !) bugzilla's comments. What I mean is that you don't need to write a new bugzilla for each and every commit you do ! Once you're in the process of developing a feature that has already been specified in the bugzilla, you can keep on committing until it's done, at the condition you mention it on the bugzilla. And when it is done, you close the bugzilla.

Once a new feature has been developed,
* the author must document it in the wiki. If it allows to extend and customize JWT, it must be documented or linked in the dedicated wiki page. As much as possible, a sample and a tutorial should be written on the wiki (how to use it, or how to extend, depending on the case).
* it is reviewed by fellow committers and project leads, who can ask for improvements or refactoring so as it better fits in the JWT architecture (CVS layout etc.), or better doc or samples
* the bugzilla is closed !
* at some point, it will be included in a release (usually the next one), and showcased in the release review slides and in the release news.


Pierre Vigneras a écrit :
Dear all,

now that the collaboration on JWT is going on, we are wondering if there is a process to follow for the collaborative works to be incorporated on JWT, and if not, if we can't define one.

Any idea on that regard?