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[jwt-dev] Changing toolbar for BPMN

Dear all,

I would like to change the toolbar of JWT in order to provide BPMN icons and concepts.
I have some questions about where to start from (considering the big number of JWT Eclipse sub-projects,
and their relevant packages). I suppose that the good place to start with is the jwt.we package.

There, I found the Palette class where the following code :

addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.ACTION);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.INITIAL_NODE);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.FINAL_NODE);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, EventsPackage.Literals.EVENT);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.FORK_NODE);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.JOIN_NODE);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.DECISION_NODE);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.MERGE_NODE);
		addPaletteDrawer(activityGroup, ProcessesPackage.Literals.GUARD);

Brings me to the EMF components : ProcessesPackage.Literals interface. My question is: if we want to modify 
not only the icon (UML to BPMN) but also the behavior (for example: a node (task) can have multiple incoming/outgoing edges (transitions)) 
how can we implement that behavior? Should we use inheritance, or is there a standard (EMF) way of extending (means not only adding things, but
also modify/speciale existing things) the JWT model?

Thanks for your help.

Pierre Vignéras
Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
*BPM Team*, Bull R&D
1, rue de Provence
38130 Echirolles (France)
Direct Line: +33-4-76-29-74-06

*Orchestra*, The BPEL open source project: http://orchestra.ow2.org
*Bonita*, The XPDL open source project: http://bonita.ow2.org