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[jetty-users] jetty 8 TCP ports

Hi All,

I'm launching jetty-runner-8.1.4.v20120524.jar and notice that not only is it binding to port 8080, but also there is another TCP connection established using a random port (different each launch):

Frank-Grimess-MacBook-Pro:~ frankgrimes$ jps
85407 jetty-runner-8.1.4.v20120524.jar
85438 Jps

Frank-Grimess-MacBook-Pro:~ frankgrimes$ sudo lsof -p 85407 | grep TCP
java    85407 frankgrimes   30u    IPv6 0xffffff801452d910       0t0      TCP *:http-alt (LISTEN)
java    85407 frankgrimes   32u    IPv6 0xffffff80290dbcd0       0t0      TCP localhost:56087->localhost:56086 (TIME_WAIT)

I was wondering what this connection is for, and if there is a way to disable its usage.


Frank Grimes