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[jetty-users] SOAP WS and jetty 6

I have a rather simple soap webservice that's been running on jetty for a while. When I'm now in the process of adding features to it, I realize that it would ease things a lot if the application layer would be able to handle the requests synchronously. This in the sense that I want the request-response beaviour of sending a httpresponse to the client where I in the application would handle this like something in the way of:

SOAPMessage response = connection.send(rpcToClient);

...where the send method would actually return the rpcToClient as a HttpResponse, wait for the next post/get, parse the message and return the method. Is there any way of doing this in jetty or am I better of at looking at Apache CXF, Axis2 or JAX-WS? I would prefer to continue using jetty since a lot of other code (authentication for example) is centered around it.