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Re: [jetty-users] Redirect / to /index.jsp when deployed to root [SOLVED]

Hi again,


Sorry for the spamming. I just got around the problem. Seems the sole existence of $JETTY_HOME/contexts/mywebapp.xml made Jetty stop sending the redirects to index.jsp. Odd. I renamed my webapp WAR to root.war as a workaround and suddenly things are working.


The StackOverflow has been updated accordingly. Possibly more details there for anyone interested.


Jens Rantil


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Ämne: [jetty-users] Redirect / to /index.jsp when deployed to root




I just changed context path for a webapp from /mywebapp/ to simply be deployed in root (/). Suddenly redirectWelcome is not kicking in. Any input as to why this is happening? DEBUG logging does not give me anything.


I am running Jetty 6. There's an open StackOverflow question with additional details here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10283266/redirect-to-index-jsp-when-deployed-to-root


Any input at all is appreciated,


Jens Rantil