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[jetty-dev] hightide builds


All 10 active builds green as of this mail.

I invested some time today into getting the CI setup running on all of
our moving parts and I think it is probably a good idea to now look at
hightide again and get it up to snuff with the way we are working on
aggregating all this goop together.  Key points that everyone should
know in all of this process in my opinion are.

* additions to the configuration of the jetty-distribution @ eclipse
and any relevant components @ codehaus should use the config.xml
assembly descriptor
* projects that push src/main/resources should do that with the
site-component.xml assembly descriptor for the time being, unless we
rework how the jetty site @ mortbay works again
* maven plugins should now use the plugin-site-component.xml assembly
descriptor (currently on 1.1-SNAPSHOT of the toolchain, will likely
wire in when we publish that one) for bundling their site goop in a
portable fashion
* all projects should be publishing javadoc and source artifacts.

With all of this in mind I think we should be in pretty decent shape
to start wiring back together the hightide builds for jetty7 (and 8
should be a piece of cake).  Anything that is to be pulled into the
hightide build will follow the exact same process as how the
jetty-distribution is being populated in the eclipse build.  The
config artifacts get unpacked, actual artifacts are pulled from the
local repo and shoved into appropriate locations in lib which is the
lionshare of hightide configuration needs.

dyu, do you think you'll have some time soon to get this wired up for
hightide..concentrating on getting and executable bundle with
specifically the components that are wired into the codehaus trunk
build right now and expanding as we flesh out the rest of them.

hopefully then we can get that unix-maven-plugin in place as well so
we can start generating .deb and .rpm artifacts for hightide right off
of the bat.  Maybe take a look at the app-assembler maven plugin as
well which would give us a common startup setup for all os's..


jesse mcconnell