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[jdt-ui-dev] FrameList and CNF

In order to add support for Go Into to the CNF, I need access to the FrameList class (and its associated classes).

This is in o.e.ui.ide, on which the CNF cannot depend.

I see two alternatives:

1) Just copy these classes (the framelist package) into an internal package in the CNF.

2) Copy these classes into an API package in the CNF and deprecate the IDE one. I think it's unlikely that anyone is actually using this API outside of the CNF and Package Explorer (we can ask), so the IDE one can go away for E4 without much harm. JDT UI can switch over to using the CNF version (which will be completely identical, and JDT UI already depends on the CNF)

At the moment (tonight), I'm going to go with option 1. But if people want option 2, I can easily change it.



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