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[jdt-doc-dev] Patch for JDT tips and tricks

I should also mention the following bug report that I entered which needs to be fixed:


----- Forwarded by John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM on 03/26/2003 06:36 PM -----

John Arthorne

03/26/2003 06:28 PM

        To:        Kai-Uwe Maetzel/Zurich/IBM, jdt-doc-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
        From:        John Arthorne/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
        Subject:        Patch for JDT tips and tricks

Here is a patch file with some minor corrections to the JDT "Tips and tricks".  They are mostly grammatical or typographical errors, but there are a couple of "real" errors.  For example, some menu action references refer to wrong menus.  This patch was made against revision 1.34

Also, the "Controlling your console" screen shot looks like it was created on a different platform, so it doesn't really fit in nicely with the other shots.
**** Attachment jdt-tips.diff has been removed from this note on March 26, 2003 by John Arthorne ****