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[jdt-doc-dev] Re: [platform-doc-dev] (no subject)

Grant, John, Pascal and I will start taking a look at these and send you


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In today's build you'll find the JDT doc reworked for 2.1. Only minor
changes such as fixing  typos will be made if no problems are found. Focus
areas were the following sections of the JDT user's guide: Getting Started,
Tips and Tricks, and What's new in 2.1. The other sections have been
updated as well.

Also, ISV doc for Platform Text has been reworked and substantially
extended. This affected all chapters of the Editors section in the
Programmer's Guide of the Platform Plug-in Developer Guide.

Both components are looking for team external doc testers that help us to
overcome the owner's blindness...
Thanks a lot for your help.