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RE: [jdt-dev] rename file -> Change object

Hi, Gyorgy.  The jdt-dev mailing list is for use by the developers of JDT.  The right place to ask your question is on the eclipse.tools.jdt newsgroup, which are more broadly read and more easily searched (in fact, the answer to your question might already be there).  You can learn about using the newsgroups at http://www.eclipse.org/newsgroups/ .  Thanks!
  -Walter Harley
   JDT APT team

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Subject: [jdt-dev] rename file -> Change object

Hi all,

I am not sure that it is the right place to ask my question, but so far it is my only "chance".

So I am developing a plugin for Eclipse, which integrates the Wrangler Erlang refactor tool. It is written in Erlang, so my task is to create some kind of interface using the Erlide plugin.

We have a refactoring called rename module, which needs to rename the file. My plugin creates change objects from Wrangler output. After a lot of documentation reading I have no idea how to *create a Change object which contains information about the file renaming*.

I have realized that the built-in jdt refactor tool rename class refactoring does the same.  Can you help me to get to know how it works?

Thanks a lot,
Gyorgy Orosz