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Re: [jdt-dev] OT: object info doesn't appear during holdover.

I got my eclipse installation to work.  I think the problem had
something to do with the features that were added to my installation
after I installed the eclipse SDK.  When I continually had problems, I
was manually selecting the plugins that I needed. (ve, jdt, cdt and
their dependencies.)  What seemed to get it to work was to reinstall and
select ALL the available plugins. 

FWIW, there seemed to be a dependency update glitch.  If I selected ve,
it asked for emf iirc.  I could select the emf package but the
dependency still remained.  However, if I unselected ve and then
reselected it, the dependency was satisfied. 

I am wondering if for some reason swt source wasn't installed with the
plug in selections I made.

Sorry for the bother and thanks for listening and helping.