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Re: [jdt-dev] OT: object info doesn't appear during holdover.

linuxguy wrote:

> This is a plea for help.  I know this mailing list is for Java tool
> development not support.  I'm sorry to break the rules posting this. 
> I've been fighting with this problem for over a week and I've posted to
> eclipse.tools.jdt and I still haven't gotten it resolved.

Please open a bug report on http://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/ for things
like this.

> What do I do to make holder info and object completion work again ?

These things are called "tool tips" (the little yellow windows). In your
bug report, you should include some additional info:

- What happens when you press F2 (which forces Eclipse to open a real
window with the tool tip text).
- Can you see something in the Javadoc view?
- Is there anything in the error log (see Window -> Views).
- Maybe your problem is related to


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