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[jdt-dev] OT: object info doesn't appear during holdover.

This is a plea for help.  I know this mailing list is for Java tool
development not support.  I'm sorry to break the rules posting this. 

I've been fighting with this problem for over a week and I've posted to
eclipse.tools.jdt and I still haven't gotten it resolved.

Prior to my problem I was running Eclipse problem free for over a year.
It worked great.  Everything was fine.   

Last week my PC became intermittent and shut down a couple times while I
was working on a Java project in Eclipse.  Ever since then I have
experienced a problem where when I hold over on a swt widget object, I
get the following message:

"This element neither has attached source nor attached Javadoc and hence
no information could be found."  Furthermore, object completion stopped
working as well. 

I am running Eclipse 3.2 on fc6 with all the available updates
installed. Version: 3.2.1 Build id: M20060921-0945

I am using SWT for GTK 2.0 version 3.2.2v3235a, plug in Id

I have reinstalled eclipse several times.  I have removed the .eclipse
and workspace directories entirely so that it is as close to a fresh
install as possible.

The holdover issue happens with all Java projects, even brand new ones. 

What do I do to make holder info and object completion work again ?


Eclipse and JDT ROCK !