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[jdt-debug-dev] Web pages and wiki updated

We have updated the Debug web pages (http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/debug/index.php ) and the Wiki (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Debug).

Some main changes to note:

1. The test plan pages have been removed from the web page and moved to the wiki. During this move we changed how we organized the plans. There is no longer one plan
per release, but instead the is one test script (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Debug/Test_Script) and people can sign up on the wiki to test what they want. The upcoming release is 3.7M5 and people can
sign up: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Debug/Test_Plan_3.7M5. When (or if) you sign up to test, simply copy and paste the items you want to test into your section.
2. the web pages are no longer separated into platform and JDT debug. There are no longer any specific pages for platform or JDT debug.
3. all mention of dev plans has been removed from the web pages and can be found on the wiki main page in the Plans (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Debug#Plans ) section

Michael Rennie