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[jdt-core-dev] Execute JUnitLaunchShortcut with several Class Tests


I create a JUnitLaunchShortcut and send a JAVA_PROJECT the
JUnitLaunchShortcut execute all Test present in project.
    JUnitLaunchShortcut j = new JUnitLaunchShortcut();
    j.launch(new StructuredSelection(/* the IJavaProject */),

If I send a PACKAGE_FRAGMENT the JUnitLaunchShortcut execute only the
Tests in present in package.
    j.launch(new StructuredSelection(/* the IPackageFragment */),

But if I send a set of COMPILATION_UNIT (this is what I want)
JUnitLaunchShortcut only execute the last Class of set...
    j.launch(new StructuredSelection(/* Set of ICompilationUnit */),

I check the original JUnitLaunchShortcut source code and found that
method launch, cast the /* Set of ICompilationUnit */ above to a
IStructuredSelection, so the Set of ICompilationUnit is transform is
one element, the last element of Set. :-(

This is a bug or a functionality?!
I need to execute JUnitLaunchShortcut with several ICompilationUnits
from several packages in the same Project, how can I do this?

Thanks in advance,
ZÃ Carlos