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RE: [jdt-apt-dev]enaccessible EclipseAnnotationProcessorEnvironment[subject change]

Hmm, it does seem strange that they'd be able to identify the plug-in
but not have a quick-fix for it, in that case.  Perhaps you might want
to enter a feature request for the JDT UI team.  I think that's a bit
different than what I've seen in the past; maybe they changed something
in 3.3?  Or a bug - it seems like not a very good error message.

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That sounds strange to me... the error message (when I have not included
the plugin as a dependecy) goes like this:

"Access restriction: The type EclipseAnnotationProcessorEnvironment is
not accessible due to restriction on required library

If you ask my, I think I would be able to guess what plugin they were
talking about :-D

org.eclipse.jdt.apt.core.env.EclipseAnnotationProcessorEnvironment env =
null; [/code]

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