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RE: [jdt-apt-dev] unit test for annotation processors?

You could take a look at the org.eclipse.jdt.apt.tests plug-in, which is how we unit-test APT; not quite the same, but might give you some ideas. 
The reason that an APE needs a JavaProject is that we rely on the JDT compiler, and JDT doesn't know how to compile a file outside of the context of a project.  (Unsurprising given that compilation requires knowing project attributes like the classpath.)  Keep in mind that the APT interfaces allow you to navigate the entire typesystem, not just one file; so other files in the project have to at least be reachable on request.  If you look at the apt.tests plug-in you'll see that in general it has to create a new project, and then create a new java file inside of it, to test processing.
That said, I totally agree that some better test hooks would make life easier.  We'd certainly be receptive to suggestions (and patches!).
  -Walter Harley
  JDT APT team

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Subject: [jdt-apt-dev] unit test for annotation processors?


Does anyone have any suggestions for unit testing annotation processors? At a high level, an ideal situation would be if there was a factory method for AnnotationProcessorEnvironment objects which took a Java source file as input (perhaps as a String containing source code, or more conveniently a reference to a file). The APE instance could then be passed into the constructor of the annotation processor and the process method called. The behaviour could then be measured by obtaining the Messager instance from the APE and interrogating it for the expected set of errors.

I couldn't see an obvious factory method of that sort, so I tried a few ideas using Proxies, reflection, subclasses etc. Unfortunately, the design of BaseProcessorEnv seems to make this quite difficult. The constructor calls AptPlugin.getAptProject(javaProj); which makes it difficult to create an instance to delegate calls to without having a valid IJavaProject.

Anybody been down this road already and have some pointers?


James Kingdon
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