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RE: [jdt-apt-dev] adding Extension Point To JDT in eclipse 3.1.2

Hi, Soheil.  The APT-enabled version of JDT 3.1.2 is not supposed to be
missing any functionality compared to the non-APT-enabled version of the
same number.  What extension are you trying to contribute to, and what
version of JDT does it work with?  Have you had a chance to try it with
Eclipse 3.2 M5, and if so, did it work there?


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Subject: [jdt-apt-dev] adding Extension Point To JDT in eclipse 3.1.2

Hi there,

Before apt plugin is installed on my eclipse, I can add some extension
points to jdt, creating some exsd files to the schema folder of jdt core
But now after the apt plugin added my eclipse cannot find that exsd I
need, because the last version of jdt core is 3.1.2.apt03!
Do you have any opinion about this situation ?

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