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RE: [jdt-apt-dev] Sun's mirror api is open source?

The legal process proved longer than expected, but this work was being
staged just prior to the holidays and should "go live" in January. We'll
post additional information after testing is complete and the IP due
diligence process is underway. I don't know whether Sun has plans to
make a public download site for the APIs, but if you're interested I can
pass the question along to one of their APT implementers for comment.

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Subject: [jdt-apt-dev] Sun's mirror api is open source?

Looking over the JavaOne presentation called "Exploring
Annotation-Based Programming through the APT and Mirror APIs" there
the following statement on slide 7:

"Based on open source (yay!) apt/mirror interfaces in the 1.5 JDK"

is this true? the com.sun.mirror.* interfaces are open source? I
couldn't find any other reference to this. Can you give me a pointer
to where Sun state this (and the source ;-)?



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