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Re: [incquery-dev] Repository freeze: project merge

Thanks for the report and especially for the efforts.

On 9 February 2016 at 17:54:49, ZoltÃn Ujhelyi (zoltan.ujhelyi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

However, if you could have a look at the structure to see what to expect after the merge is complete. 

One question: I see that the standard folders (plugins, features, â) are now subfolders of the top-level logical structure (addon, artwork, â). Why is this better than the other way around (i.e. having plugins, features on the top and addon, artwork as subfolders)?

(Donât get me wrong, I would have also done it this way, Iâm just curious whether there is more than just preference behind this arrangement.)

Furthermore, we have found that the EMF metamodel in the org.eclipse.incquery.xcore.model project is very strange: it refers to both the Xcore and the IncQuery PatternLanguage metamodel using relative paths that is very hard to handle correctly. 

Isnât this a generated artefact that somehow got checked in?



IstvÃn RÃth, PhD
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