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[imp-dev] A proposed API change in Type


I'd like to propose an API change for the match method in Type. It's now:
  void match(Type pattern, Map<Type,Type> bindings) throws FactMatchException;

When the match succeeds the bindings contain a map from type
parameters to bound types, when the match fails the method throws an
exception. This method is implemented in all alternative sub-classes
of types (interpreter design pattern).

The issue is that failure is quite a common case when matching
composite type structures and so the exception gets thrown quite
often. This leads to bad performance here and there.

So, I'd like to propose a change to:
  boolean match(Type pattern, Map<Type,Type> bindings);

and ask you to change your code accordingly after where necessary. Is this ok?



Jurgen Vinju
- Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica - SEN1
- Universiteit van Amsterdam

  www: http://jurgen.vinju.org,
skype: jurgen.vinju