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Re: [imp-dev] Case-insensitiv lexer - lpg

Hi Robert,


Thanks for the super fast reply.

I tried this but it doesn't seem to work. The editor still allows me to declare like Ex: int a; int A; it considers those different

Anywhere else you think i should point my attention to?


Thanks for your help,



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Hi Ovidiu,


I'm cc'ing Philippe Charles, the main author of LPG, in case he has something to add.


I think you need to use a modified copy of the LexerBasicMapF.gi include file to effect the case-folding you're looking for.


Specifically, to fold everything to lower-case, find the letter-related entries in the tokenKind[] array that look like:


            $sym_type.$prefix$A$suffix$,               // 065    0x41

            $sym_type.$prefix$B$suffix$,               // 066    0x42

            $sym_type.$prefix$C$suffix$,               // 067    0x43



and replace them with their lower-case equivalents:


            $sym_type.$prefix$a$suffix$,               // 097    0x61

            $sym_type.$prefix$b$suffix$,               // 098    0x62

            $sym_type.$prefix$c$suffix$,               // 099    0x63



I haven't actually tried this myself, but I believe it should work.


On Mar 29, 2011, at 9:26 AM, Ovidiu Diac wrote:



I'm currently working on an ide for a Java-like scripting language. The problem i have is that this script is supposed to be case-insensitive.

I managed to make the keywords case-insensitive by using the KWLexerFoldedCaseMapF.gi include in KWLexer but i don't know what to do about identifiers. - i'm using the lpg parser

Any help is much appreciated.


Ovidiu Diac


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