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[imp-dev] IMP with ANTLR

Hello everybody,

I have rather simple (I hope so) problem - I have grammar for my language, have parser, lexer and some extra staff like GO-TO definition, scope's calculation and something like that. The only problem - it's grammar for ANTLR, and, obviously, parser and lexer is generated by ANTLR. When I decided to implement it in eclipse plugin, I ran into IMP and decided to use it.

I quickly ran through user's guide and some presentations and realized, that it is possible to reuse my parser&lexer (or grammar), but it's not as simple as I wish. So, now the main question is, where can I find more information (or may me example) of using parser and lexer generated by ANTLR in IMP? Or may be it is easier to re-write ANTLR grammar for LPG (frankly speaking, it's first time I hear about such parser-generator (LPG), so it would be rather challenging...) 

Any help and advices would be great!=) 

P.S. I also knew, that IMP crew is working on using ANTLR in IMP, so how is progress? May be, it is already ready?

Kind regards,
Anatoly Kondratyev.