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Re: [imp-dev] IMP Quick Fix service?

Hi John!

Funny you should ask about quick fix support - we were just talking about adding it yesterday. It's still on the drawing board, though, but I'd like to get something in place over the next bunch of weeks.

Our idea was to define an XML schema for quick fix proposals that a compiler/tool author could write easily enough, and have a way to associate compiler-produced error messages with a parameterized "call" to the appropriate quick fix proposal type. The IMP framework could then consume both the set of "quick fix calls" and the quick fix type definition file, and use that to populate the quick fix list. When the user selects a given quick fix, IMP "interprets" whatever actions that type of quick fix requires, typically source/text file rewrites.

I hope to post a design proposal to this list and the newsgroup fairly soon.

As for the ANTLR support, I have a prototype in my workspace that seems to work fine, and received approval from eclipse.org to distribute the ANTLR runtime. So now that I've gotten a few other things out of the way (web site update, install problems resolved), I could commit my prototype in the next few days to the IMP SVN repository.

On Mar 26, 2010, at 4:57 PM, Interrante, John A (GE, Research) wrote:

Hello IMP Developers!
Even though I'd love to see the upcoming release of IMP with ANTLR and CUPS, I've been making progress on my own integrating IMP and ANTLR in an IDE we've been building for a semantic application language.  I've been wondering: Are there any plans to make IMP provide a language service for quick fix proposals in the same way that it provides a language service for content proposals?  We'd like to make the IDE very user-friendly so that seems like a logical next step after we get content proposals working perfectly.  If we had to implement a quick fix service using Eclipse's own plugin API, would it be easy or hard?  Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!

  - Bob
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