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Re: [iam-dev] EF diff and configuration sections in the plugin

I have looked into handling the configuration section with EMF in the past without success.

EMF supports a pure metamodel with no generated classes and that was what I started exploring.
Unfortunately, I lacked the time to get to a conclusion.

Asking in the EMF group about this specific case would be a good option...

Sorry for not being able to help much...

El 08/01/2010, a las 22:11, Carlos Sanchez escribió:


I'm trying to do some operations, such as updating the facet versions,
when the EAR or WAR plugin configuration changes.
I can't find the EMF compare events that are triggered when that
happens and I'm wondering if it's because the <configuration> section
is free-form with no schema and therefore the EMF model does not
include it.

Could we add it manually somehow and regenerate the model?

Any other suggestions?
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