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[hyades-dev] Nov 15 commiters call

Harm Sluiman, Nellie Chau, Richard Duggan, Antony Miguel, Eugene Chan, Kent Siefkes, Joe Toomey
Absent :
Rob Sinclair
Dave Mercer
no new activity - expecting to freeze this week

no new defects
we will start publishing stable build on Thursday's
all candidates require commiter call approval before being accepted into the release

Outstanding un-targeted defects
77913 - moving to 3.2 i2
78085 - moving to 3.2 i2 - awaiting input from Paul Slauenwhite
78329 - moving to 3.2 i2
78349 - moving to 3.2 i2
78510 - changing to enhancements and will go through the requirements process
78512 - changing to enhancements and will go through the requirements process
78528 - being assessed by Eugene for 3.2 i2
78542 - moving to 3.3
78347 - moving to 3.2 i2
78353 - moving to 3.2 i2
78350 - moving to 3.2 i2

3.2 i1
now closed and stable build will be posted today

Testing using Hyades
the 3.2 i1 test result report is also posted on the web site and represents all the tests in the system, but not all the Hyades tests.
Antony's test are not in the report and will be picked up in i2
Kent is adding new tests for i2, Joe is being encouraged
The objective is for all components to have some entries in 3.2 and all testing to be done this way in 3.3.

3.2 i2
the 3 weeks development phase is underway and all lead commiters believe current targeted enhancements and defects will be contained.
As usual progress will be tracked weekly

Post 3.2
Architecture review of requirements team targeted enhancements will happen this week and all enhancements must have a description document in place in CVS to be reviewed. Everyone is clear on this process, and separate calls will be had to do the review and sizing work this week.

Thanks for your time.
Harm Sluiman, STSM,  
phone:905-413-4032   fax: 4920  
cell: 416-432-9754
Admin : Gabrielle Chapman chapmaga@xxxxxxxxxx  Tie: 969-2323