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[hyades-dev] Minutes of TPTP Agent Controller Weekly Meeting November 11, 2004

Minutes of TPTP Agent Controller Weekly Meeting November 11, 2004



-          Scott Schneider

-          Joe Toomey

-          Allan Pratt

-          Kim Coleman

-          Victor Havin

-          Luc Plaetnick

-          Sri Doddapaneni

-          Karla Callaghan

-          Andrew Kaylor

-          Vishnu Naikawadi

-          Hoang Nguyen

-     Guru Nagarajan

-     Samson Wai


1.      External API consists of all public members belonging classes in the execution framework (excluding classes from all internal packages). Any changes to these API constitute breaking compatibility and should be considered for 4.0 release (and not 3.3 release).

2.      Any changes to public members (API) belonging to classes in the internal packages of the execution framework do not constitute a compatibility breaking. Any uses of these internal API within other components of Hyades Platform sources will require modification, should these change. We will communicate such changes to the community by publishing details to the mailinglist/newsgroup.

3.      Any products that are making use of internal execution API directly would need to modify their product implementation as well. As a general rule, the product owners should have made a request in the Bugzilla for missing capabilities in external API.

4.      Historically, some interfaces that were either not well understood or may change eventually, were placed in internal packages. It was expected that that as we understand how to expose these in clean and robust manner these would move to external packages.

5.      Victor and Luc stated that they are making use of some factory implementations from internal packages in building their tools (without Eclipse Workbench). There seem to be no other way to do this using external API only.

6.      Luc has taken ACTION to list the internal API used by him and provide a sample tool implementation.


Sri Doddapaneni
Software Products Division
Intel Corporation