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[hyades-dev] Hyades UI meeting notes (Nov. 3, 2004)

Meeting notes from this week's Hyades UI meeting:


Continue the discussion on profiling filters in hyades. I would like to nail down a few of the most important improvements that we all agree need to be addressed so that we can start working on them.


Carl Wicklow
Curtis d'Entremont
Dominique Guilbaud
Eugene Chan
Geary Ridings
Glenn Weidner
Marius Slavescu
Martin Boag
Nagarajan Kalaimani
Terry Fountoulakis
Wayne Ho


Wednesday, Nov. 3, 12:00pm (noon) EST.


We started drilling down and focusing on post-filtering (view filtering).

Things that were agreed on:

1. The current filter-by-name text box in the statistical tables will be removed entirely.
2. All Hyades views that allow filtering will have a filtering button in their toolbar, and probably a drop-down filter. Clicking on the button will show a dialog where the user defines what to filter. The contents of this dialog would depend on the type of data being viewed.
3. Sharing post-filters is not as important as sharing pre-filters, and will not be done in the initial improvements. If we see later on that they would be useful, then we'll do so at that time.
4. Hyades should provide a framework through which all Hyades viewers plug in their specific filters (e.g., log viewer, ). It should be as general as possible.
5. In general, the user should be able to right click on any filterable thing(s) in any Hyades view and select something like "Filter this item". This would add an entry to the currently enabled filters in the view.
6. Filters contents should be saved globally and shared, but filter selection will be view-based.

Since there was some confusion with terminology, I left things a little vague. Next week we'll have a clearer idea of what is being proposed via the document we'll be reviewing.


- Eugene, etc. to write a use case document describing the proposed approach. We will review this document in next week's meeting.

Curtis d'Entremont
Problem Determination Tools
IBM Toronto Lab

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