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[hyades-dev] Hyades Execution Meeting Agenda for Tuesday 11/2 at 11 am

  Sorry for the late invite, but as previously announced we will be meeting today at 11 am.  Same dial-in as used in the past:

Toll Free Dial in Number:  (800) 857-3591  

        International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:  (210) 839-8980
        HOST/PASS CODE:  70499

Proposed agenda for today:

1. Status of 3.2 i1 defects and enhancements (should be done, but review what's in there for execution)
2. Review targeted 3.2 i2 defects & enhancements.  Determine which, if any, need any special review & discussion for next week's meeting.  Which need cross-team coordination?
3. Review of committers in execution area - coverage by plugin
4. Review of Hyades newsgroup coverage for execution
5. Any other agenda items ?


Kent Siefkes
Rational Software
IBM Software Group
Phone: 919-486-3233,  IBM T/L  526-3233