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[hyades-dev] Hyades UI meeting agenda


Wednesday, Oct. 20, 12:00pm (noon) EST.


1.  Discuss datapool data entry and Hyades editor overview tab. There are a few things not covered in the user experience document for the datapool editor because there hasn't been an agreement on requirements or it's a Hyades-wide issue not limited to datapools. Specifically, these are equivalence classes and overview tabs in editors. (bugzilla 73178, 74864)

2. Filtering improvements for launching in profile mode. Currently in Hyades we allow users to filter out packages, classes, and methods to profile, but the UI for this is hidden. The user has to edit the profiling set and click next in the wizard that appears. One idea put forth was to associate filters with each profiling type. The problem with this is that the Hyades piAgent does not support this - you can only set one filter for all the data coming in. We need to discuss alternative and better ways to present filtering to the user. (bugzilla 53760, 74857)

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