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Re: [hyades-dev] Committer Approval Requested for Defect Fix - Bugzilla 76170

I am, by no means, a usability expert and will trust their advice this is a
serious issue.  Are there any automated GUI tests which will break?  This
is a behavioural change in the UI and may have impact.  I do not believe
there are any, but I want to make sure.  Providing there are not, I vote

Richard K. Duggan
Problem Determination Enablement
IBM Toronto Laboratory
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Internal: 969-2396

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             10/13/2004 02:21          Re: [hyades-dev] Committer Approval 
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Given the necessity of this fix for the consuming product and the low risk
associated with the change, I vote yes.


Joe Toomey
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Rational Software
IBM Software Group
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                                         [hyades-dev] Committer Approval   
 10/13/2004 02:11 PM                     Requested for Defect Fix  
                                         -  Bugzilla 76170                 
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Please find below a stop-ship defect that has been approved today by IES
CCB to be included in IES The defect has been reviewed, tested by
producer and consumer, very low risk and limited in scope to the http proxy
recorder, and involves no-PII.


The description follows:

When Recorder Control View is opened for the first time, if the
TestPerspective is not opened, it is created & set active.

This view should be created in the current perspective, whatever that is.

This is a critical fix because it prevents any vendors from using the
in their own perspectives.  Also, forced switching of perspectives is bad
Eclipse behavior.

The fix is in one file, shown below:


li 140 - getActivePage() method removed (method is no longer called)

li 164 - getInstance()
<                                IWorkbenchPage page = window.
>                                IWorkbenchPage page = getActivePage();

I'm asking for Hyades committer approval for this defect fix.  No response
within 6 hours indicates silent approval.  Sorry for the urgency, but IES
requires a drop by tonight for inclusion in an additional build
tomorrow morning.

The above fix has already been made on the head, and will be checked into so that a build can be tested.  If approved, and testing uncovers
no problems,  the fix/build will be included in Friday's  IES