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[hyades-dev] Hyades Committer call - 12 Oct 2004 - MINUTES

- Build & drop today to apply fixes for 76023 & 75898
- Currently, Oct 15 is final day for Atlantic/IES build for
- Possible build tonight for 75936, if fix is ready in time; otherwise, possible drop to IES next week (update: build not required; fixed in RMT)

Hyades 3.2
- i1 coding phase ongoing
- Remember: i1 code phase is 4 weeks, but i2 code phase is only 3 weeks
- Committers to ensure all records targeted for "3.2" in Bugzilla are re-targeted to "3.2 i1" or "3.2 i2"

Defects reviewed
49076 (dup of 75491) - fix approved by CCB & Committers, then applied to on 10/8
76028 - Richard: Apply fix to 3.1; Committers agreed to smoke test a re-drop of 3.1
76023 - Kent: approved by CCB & Committers today for; fix in-hand & tested
75936 - Joe: Fix not in-hand (learned today this would be re-targeted for; Atlantic requesting fix in IES tonight, otherwise would consider a new adoption next week (UPDATE: Joe found fix in RMT; closing 75936 as 'WONTFIX')
75344 - Kent: workaround may exist for this, but still not closed (mtg tomorrow AM); discussed in CCB call 10/8; target this bug beyond
75898 - Eugene: approved by CCB & Committers today; fix in-hand & tested
73482 - Richard: bug reopened, will talk to Tanuj (Tanuj says incomplete fix, reopened bugâ should raise with CCB)
76075 - Richard: New as of this morning; listed as 'major', but could be worse; investigating

* END *