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RE: [hyades-dev] A newbie question !!

Hi Atul,

There is a datacollection agent responsible for gathering jmx mbean data 
from the JBoss app server and displaying the 
results in the statistical ui. You will need to have the RAC installed 
on any machine with the jboss libraries (such as the server itself). 
Once the RAC is set up, create and open a statcon file in your workspace 
and you should see a "Statistical Data Collection" node appear. Expand 
this node, right click on the "JBoss JMX Trace" and select "New JBoss 
JMX Trace". Enter in your specific details and you should *hopefully* 
see a node appear representing your new trace. You can then expand this 
node and select any data that is relevant.

The jmx agent returns mbean data that is presented by the application 
server. Unless your application is contributing custom mbean data to 
JBoss's mbean server then you will only be able to see the default mbean 
data relevant to your application.

Hope this helps - if you need more assistance on the jmx agent side of 
things pop me a mail...

George Christelis
Scapa Technologies
+44 131 550 1745

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Subject: [hyades-dev] A newbie question !!

            I have just downloaded haydes plugin and was trying to get 
to working in my environment.
            I m running JBoss 3.2.5 on win xp-pro and I have my ear file 
which contains 4 wars deployed on this server.
            Can someone explain approach I should take to profile this 
app ?
            Documentation clearly lacks an App server specific tweaks.
            Thx in advance.