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Re: [hyades-dev] A newbie question !!

On Thursday, 09/30/2004 at 11:11 MST, "Atul Wagle" <awagle@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>             I m running JBoss 3.2.5 on win xp-pro and I have my ear file which
> contains 4 wars deployed on this server.
>             Can someone explain approach I should take to profile this app ?

I can't speak to exactly what you might need to do for JBoss, but I think I can point you in the right general direction.

I assume you're launching JBoss independent of the workbench. Take a look at the section of the help entitled "Profiling an application in standalone mode". You will want to modify the app server startup to include -XrunpiAgent on the server's java command line, possibly with one or more of the options described on this page of the help. You probably wanted "enabled" mode, but it depends on your usage model.

Then from the workbench, attach to your app server and start monitoring, as described in "Launching or attaching  

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